The Future of Biometrics in the Transportation Industry

biometric identification management technology is rising in the transportation industry

More car carrying services are evaluating the implementation of biometrics for driver identification.

The following guest post was submitted by Door to Door Car Carrying, a transport industry in Australia.

Recently, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx and Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt discussed the future of biometrics in the transportation industry. The talk, titled “Beyond Traffic: Understanding Challenges Yet To Come” was full of insights into the future of safety car transport and the convergence of biometric identification. Some of the ideas discussed could have a tangible effect on the future of car carries, especially the idea of using biometrics for car safety and tracking systems for car carriers and integrating it with existing tracking technology.

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Cloud-Based Biometrics Will Change the Face of Law Enforcement

biometrics in science fiction

Photo: Biometrics in Science Fiction

Biometric technology, once exclusively used as a Hollywood prop, has since evolved into a practical, affordable technology used in many different capacities for both government and private enterprises.

Many new biometric identity management solutions are now leveraging the cloud, freeing up resources and creating once unforeseen efficiencies to help increase utility and security. For example, our state-of-the-art cloud based biometric technology ePolice™ solution has the potential to completely change the face of law enforcement agencies around the globe.

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Biometrics as an Alternative to Passwords

Biometrics as alternative to traditional authentication methods bring convenience and eliminate the need of losing and remembering the complex passwords.

Biometrics as alternative to traditional authentication methods bring convenience and eliminate the need of losing and remembering the complex passwords.

In the era of increasing security threats, the use of antiquated passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), and tokens to protect data and assets leaves businesses susceptible to fraud and theft. Due to the fact that hackers are seemingly running rampant online and millions of users’ identification credentials have been compromised, efforts for stronger identity protection using biometrics are gaining momentum the AFP recently reported.

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The Rise of Biometric Time and Attendance in Workforce Management

Using palm vein biometrics for workforce management

Using palm vein biometrics for workforce management

More businesses are considering adopting biometric technology with their workforce management software. Fingerprint, finger vein, and palm vein biometrics are getting more attention around the world as viable biometric modalities that can be used for individual identification in different areas such as: Identity management, Employee time and attendance, Point of sale access etc.

Biometrics for workforce management is a rapidly growing trend not only to increase identification accuracy and security but also to ensure employee accountability, increase productivity, and boost business profits.

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5 Recent Trends in Biometric Technology


Recent trends in biometric technology trends suggest more secure and convenient ways of identification and authentication.

With the pace of rapid innovation in today’s biometric technology field, new uses are appearing to make the process of authentication more convenient and secure. These innovative and useful processes of human identification are increasing in frequency with every year. As these uses are increasing, they are also creating some trends and reshaping the way we identify humans. Continue reading →