Biometric Border Control in 2015: Is it Making Our World More Secure?


Biometric border control systems are being deployed all around the world to improve security and enhance the travel experience.

2015 seems like a revolutionary year for biometrics and border control. Many countries around the world are starting to realize the importance of implementing biometric identification management technology for more effective and secure border control. Some of them have already began the implementation process and many more are about to follow their footsteps after seeing the benefits that biometrics offers to identify potential terrorists and criminals attempting to gain illegal access at their borders. The use of biometrics with border security systems includes:

  • National biometric database deployments in entrance and exit systems
  • Immigration
  • E-passports to track and manage the flow of humans across borders

Top Interpol officials have said that governments must routinely use biometrics for identification to cross check databases of known criminals and terrorists to ensure the safety of travelers. Speaking in Singapore at an Interpol conference, director of operational police support Michael O’Connell said criminals are still capable of exploiting cracks and loopholes in most travel security systems. Continue reading →

Beyond Science Fiction: Facial Recognition Software Transforms Airport Security

facial recognition biometrics improves airport security

The rising use of facial recognition for airport security is improving border control security around the globe.

The following is a guest post submitted written by ADAGOLD, an Australian-based Global Aviation specialist that has been providing market leading aircraft charter solutions.

Once considered a topic of science fiction, facial recognition software has evolved from imagination to reality in a matter of decades. Today, face recognition technology has radical, real world applications that can transform how we live and travel.
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Will Biometric Authentication Finally Kill Passwords?


Biometric authentication to replace password for web and windows.

If there is one thing that can significantly increase the safety of your web or Windows experience, it is the elimination of passwords. Every day we hear stories about how network security has been compromised due to password hacks that exposes valuable personal and enterprise data. Let’s face it, passwords are weak and they should be eliminated. The U.S. government has also recognized the issue with passwords and White House Cyber-security Coordinator Michael Daniel said in June that he’s on a mission to “kill the password dead”.
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Uber Sex Scandal Demands Biometric-Based Driver Tracking System

taxi cab driver tracking

Picture 1: Cab-hailing companies are changing the way many people getting around cities all over the world.

Transportation services / networks such as Uber, the online cab-hailing company, are changing the way many people travel around cities all over the world. But the question is, how safe are the cab drivers or who are taking you for a ride? Legislators in some countries are addressing the issue to improve passenger safety following reports of assault and sexual violence in recent months.

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Biometrics is the Future of User Authentication

Biometric Single Sign On

Figure: Biometric Single Sign On Solution

In the world of information technology, the term “biometrics” (also referred to as “biometric authentication”)  is the automated method of recognizing a person based on their unique physiological or behavioral traits. Common examples of human biometric markers are fingerprints, finger and palm veins, iris and facial recognition, even one’s voice print.

According to Microsoft’s chairman and chief software architect, Bill Gates, “Biometrics is one of the keys to providing “a more transparent, secure and manageable security on a mass scale.”

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